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How do I book a GP appointment through LIVI?

  1. Press the book now button on your LIVI home screen.
  2. If it’s your first time using LIVI, you will be asked for some more personal details and to verify your identity.
  3. Click to confirm whether you are making the appointment for yourself or for your child.
  4. Use our symptom checker to add additional information about your symptoms.
  5. Add photos if you wish.
  6. Then select if you would like to see the next available GP or book an appointment any time in the next 7 days.
  7. Complete and confirm your booking. By doing so you agree that you will be in the UK at the time of the appointment.
  8. If you are using our private service, first time users will have to add their credit or debit card details.


Your meeting is now booked! The GP will call you through the LIVI app when it's time for your appointment.

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