Medical Advice

  • Can I obtain medical advice through LIVI?

    Yes. You can book an appointment with a GP through LIVI and obtain medical advice from them in the consultation. To see common symptoms we can help you with, please see our 'Symptoms' FAQs section.

    If you have medical questions, we recommend you to download the LIVI app and book an appointment with one of our GPs.

    Unfortunately our LIVI support team cannot give you medical advice, only our GPs can do this.



  • Can I use LIVI in a medical emergency?

    No. LIVI should not be used to seek help for medical emergencies.

    In case of an emergency, call 999 immediately.

    If you are unsure as to whether it is an emergency, please call NHS 111.



  • Can I get prescriptions through LIVI?

    As with any other GP appointment, the GP will evaluate your condition and decide what the best treatment is for you. If the GP thinks you need medication, they will write you an NHS prescription.

  • Can I get repeat prescriptions through LIVI?

    In general, LIVI GPs do not issue repeat prescriptions. However, in an emergency, LIVI GPs are able to issue an emergency supply of medication for a maximum of 7 days.

  • Can LIVI GPs prescribe all medications?

    No. LIVI GPs cannot prescribe medication that is classified as narcotic medication such as benzodiazepines, sleeping tablets and strong opioids like morphine and tramadol.

    There are also certain medications that cannot be prescribed as they are not permitted under NHS prescribing limitations (such as prescription treatments for male pattern baldness).  

    You can find more information about NHS prescribing guidelines here.

    This does not prevent LIVI GP's discussing these treatments and advising you how you can obtain them.

  • How much will my prescription cost me?

    In England the NHS prescription charge is set at £9.00 per item. Some patients are entitled to free prescriptions - you can find out if you are entitled to free prescriptions here.

    Delivery is free (if requested).

  • How do I get my prescription?

    You can have your prescribed medication delivered to you chosen address by our pharmacy partner, or you can collect it directly from a pharmacy. The GP will ask you which you prefer during your consultation.

Prescription Collection

  • How quickly after my consultation will my prescription be ready to collect?

    Prescriptions normally take a few hours to process. Please make sure you check your app for any updates about your prescription.

    Please note, patients who request a specific pharmacy may have to wait up to 48 hours for prescriptions to be ready to collect.

  • How will I be notified that my prescription is ready for collection?

    When your prescription is ready for collection you will receive a message in the LIVI inbox in the app to let you know which pharmacy you can pick up your prescription from.

  • Where can I pick up my prescription from?

    In some areas, the GP will discuss where you would like to collect your prescription from. Your prescription can be sent to a pharmacy close to your home or a different location. In other areas, your prescription will be sent to your nominated pharmacy.

    If you request a specific pharmacy which does not have the medication in stock, we will send the prescription to the pharmacy that is closest to the requested pharmacy. 

    When your prescribed medication is ready for collection you will receive a message to your LIVI inbox in the app with details of which pharmacy to pick up your prescription from.

Prescription Delivery

  • How does prescription delivery work?

    If you need a prescription, the GP will ask you during your appointment if you want your medication delivered to an address of your choice.

    Our pharmacy partner will call and/or email you after the LIVI appointment to take payment for the prescription and arrange delivery. You can choose the delivery address and time. The delivery service itself is free.


  • Where can deliveries be sent to?

    Deliveries can be sent to any address in the UK.

  • How much does delivery cost?

    Delivery is free for all LIVI patients.


  • How long will delivery take?

    If your appointment is before 5pm, Monday–Thursday, delivery is guaranteed the next day.

    If your appointment is after 5pm, Monday–Wednesday, it will take two working days for your delivery to arrive.

    The delivery service only operates on weekdays – so prescriptions from appointments on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will arrive the following Tuesday.

    In some cases our pharmacy partner may be able to arrange an earlier delivery – please ask when they call to take payment.

    If you decide you would prefer to pick up from a pharmacy, please let our pharmacy partner know during the call and LIVI Support will contact you to arrange this.

  • Who will deliver my medication?

    Royal Mail will deliver your medication and provide you with a tracking number.

  • Where is my delivery?

    If you haven't received a call from the pharmacy, check your LIVI app inbox for information on how to reach the pharmacy or contact LIVI Support directly.

    Tracking numbers are provided for all our deliveries.

    If your delivery didn't arrive on time (within two working days), contact LIVI support on 033 0808 2074.

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  • Can I receive a private referral for secondary care through LIVI?

    As an NHS patient through LIVI, you can also obtain a private referral.

    For private referrals, you will be sent the details via an inbox message to your LIVI app which you can then print or email if you wish to do so.

    Please note private referrals are processed between 9 am and 6 pm Monday - Friday.

    If you have any issues with obtaining your fit note please email LIVI support on or call 020 3870 3029.

  • Can I receive an NHS referral for secondary care through LIVI?

    Yes, you can receive an NHS referral for secondary care through LIVI. 

    Information about the referral and details of who to contact will be sent to you in your app after your consultation.


  • Can I be referred for a physical GP appointment?

    In some areas, if the GP believes you are in need of further primary care then where possible they will book you in for a physical GP appointment with a local NHS GP hub.

    If you are in need of urgent care, the GP will advise you to go to your nearest urgent care centre.

Sick notes

  • Can I get a fit (sick) note through LIVI?

    Through LIVI, GPs can write you a fit note on the condition that there is no requirement for a physical examination to issue the note. It is up to each GP to make an individual assessment of you as a patient.

    Please note, GPs at LIVI do not write fit notes for the first 7 calendar days of your illness. If this is required, self-certification can be done via the Government Digital Services website. GPs at LIVI do not write fit notes for longer than 14 days and are unable to back-date the notes.

  • How do I retrieve my fit (sick) note?

    The fit note will be sent to your inbox in the LIVI app, attached as a PDF file.

    Open the app and click on the inbox tab at the bottom of the screen. By clicking on the message, you will now be able to see the fit note on the screen in your phone or tablet.

    Click on the fit note again. You will now get an icon in the lower left corner (a square with an arrow in). Click on it and you will see the different options. You can then choose to print or email the fit note.

    Please note fit notes are processed between 9 am and 6 pm Monday - Friday.

    If you have any issues with obtaining your fit note please email LIVI support on or call 020 3870 3029.

My medical record

  • How can I access my medical record?

    A summary of your contacts with LIVI will be stored in the app for you to view. This simply contains the date of any contacts and reason. It does not contain the full medical notes. These remain held by your GP practice. You can find out more information about accessing your health record here.

  • Will my consultation be recorded in my medical record?

    Yes, just like with a physical visit your consultation meeting notes will be added to your NHS medical record NHS electronic health record system by your NHS GP.


  • Can LIVI see my medical history?

    Whilst booking a GP appointment through LIVI, you will be asked to give your consent to allow your NHS GP access to your medical records. Your GP can then view your Summary Care Record and medical history via the NHS electronic health record system.