• Can I book an appointment on behalf of my child?

    You can seek care for your child if they are older than 2 years and under 16 through LIVI. To book an appointment for your child between the age of 2-16 years, log in to the LIVI app and then choose if you want to book a drop in appointment or schedule an appointment at a specific time. Thereafter you can choose to book the appointment for your child.

    Children must be present during the appointment, just like any other appointment at a physical GP surgery.

    Children who are over 16 years old can have their own LIVI account.

  • Can I use my account for my spouse / partner?

    No, unfortunately not. Family members over 16 years old must sign up for their own LIVI account and log in with their own details and ID to book a GP consultation at LIVI.

  • Can I use LIVI abroad?

    No, unfortunately LIVI currently cannot offer patients a consultation when they are abroad.

  • Is it suitable to seek care through LIVI for all medical problems?

    There may be some cases where the LIVI service is not recommended:

    • You have a symptom / disorder that requires physical examination, for example you need to have your chest listened to, a joint (e.g. knee or shoulder) examined, or provide a sample.
    • You are in need of controlled drugs. These are not prescribed via LIVI.
    • You are in need of medicines containing pregabalin (Lyrica) or gabapentin (Neurontin).
    • You want to start treatment that requires long-term and regular medical contact.
    • You are in need of a fit (sick) note that may last for a long time.