• Can Livi help me with a sore throat and cough?

    You can seek help via Livi for a sore throat or a cough and the doctor can provide medical advice to you.

    Livi GPs can give prescriptions for acute conditions. In some cases, we can also give emergency prescriptions for a repeat medication – only if the patient is already taking this medication and has run out completely. The patient will be redirected to their registered GP for the second script. 

    Please Note: any antibiotics or other medicines that require samples for diagnosis cannot be prescribed through Livi.

  • Can Livi help me with asthma?

    If you have previously been diagnosed with mild asthma, you can seek to continue your care for this with Livi. Through a GP video consultation, the GPs can help you with determining what triggers your asthma. In knowing this, we can then find and prescribe the best medicines to treat your asthma.

    You can also get answers to any of your questions about asthma and allergies.

    NB If you are experiencing an acute flare of your asthma, it is much better that you should seek an appointment at a health centre.

  • Can Livi help me with my allergies?

    Through a video GP consultation, you can receive help for most allergies. The GPs can find the right course of treatments and prescribe appropriate medication when needed.

    Medicines for acute treatment, can be prescribed if the GP believes it is necessary.

    Livi is not appropriate if you are experiencing a severe allergic reaction (e.g. nut allergy), where you should contact the emergency services.