• Can LIVI help with erectile problems?

    Most men will suffer from some sort of erection problems at sometime during their lives. Erectile problems can affect men of all ages.

    A video consultation with a GP through LIVI is appropriate if you wish to:

    • Get help finding the cause of erection problems
    • Get help in finding the right treatment and get medicine if needed
    • Get information and advice


  • Can I get help with urinary infections through LIVI?

    If you are a woman and suspect that you have a urinary infection you can get help with treatment via LIVI. 

    The GPs can diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment through LIVI. Mild urinary infection does usually not require sampling for diagnosis and treatment.

    Men with symptoms of urinary infections must be examined and samples must be taken. Therefore the GP will refer men to a physical healthcare provider for this.

  • Can LIVI prescribe contraceptive medications?

    If you have been previously prescribed contraceptive medication which has worked well with no issues, the GP can give you a prescription renewal through LIVI. However, please note that it is down to the judgement of your GP if they think it is appropriate. Prescribing contraceptive medication requires an annual physical face to face appointment to monitor certain factors such as your blood pressure.


  • Can LIVI prescribe medication for cold sores?

    Cold sores on the lips and around the mouth are very common and are caused by a type of herpes virus. Cold Sores typically settle within 7-10 days, usually requiring no treatment.  Many people will continue to carry this virus in their body for the rest of their life. The virus will usually be silent, but occasionally it becomes active and causes a recurrent outbreak of cold sores. 

    LIVI can provide advice which includes reassurance and treatment advice.  There are various over-the-counter medications, which the GP can advise you on.

    There are also prescription antiviral creams that you can use on the lesions. If you have severe outbreaks, or are susceptible to infection, your GP may prescribe you an antiviral tablet.