• How does prescription delivery work?

    If you need a prescription, the GP will ask you during your appointment if you want your medication delivered to an address of your choice.

    Our pharmacy partner will call and/or email you after the Livi appointment to take payment for the prescription and arrange delivery. You can choose the delivery address and time. The delivery service itself is free.


  • Where can deliveries be sent to?

    Deliveries can be sent to any address in the UK.

  • How much does delivery cost?

    Delivery is free for all Livi patients.


  • How long will delivery take?

    If your appointment is before 5pm, Monday–Thursday, delivery is guaranteed the next day.

    If your appointment is after 5pm, Monday–Wednesday, it will take two working days for your delivery to arrive.

    The delivery service only operates on weekdays – so prescriptions from appointments on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will arrive the following Tuesday.

    In some cases our pharmacy partner may be able to arrange an earlier delivery – please ask when they call to take payment.

    If you decide you would prefer to pick up from a pharmacy, please let our pharmacy partner know during the call and Livi Support will contact you to arrange this.

  • Who will deliver my medication?

    Royal Mail will deliver your medication and provide you with a tracking number.

  • Where is my delivery?

    If you haven't received a call from the pharmacy, check your Livi app inbox for information on how to reach the pharmacy or contact Livi Support directly.

    Tracking numbers are provided for all our deliveries.

    If your delivery didn't arrive on time (within two working days), contact Livi Support on 020 3870 3029.

  • Do I need to be there to receive my delivery?

    If you choose a signed-for delivery service, you need to be at the address of your choice for delivery.

    For all other regular deliveries, they can be delivered to a mailbox or accepted for example by a neighbour. All deliveries are packaged discreetly.

  • What is your returns policy for delivery?

    Please contact Livi Support on 020 3870 3029, or email to support@livi.co.uk