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Can I get repeat prescriptions through Livi?

In general, Livi GPs do not issue routine repeat prescriptions. However, in an emergency, Livi GPs are able to issue an emergency supply of medication for a maximum of 28 days, if the GP decides that the request is appropriate.

When using the Livi pay-as-you-go service, the Livi GP needs some additional information in order to safely prescribe your repeat medication. This may include your NHS Summary Care Record. Not all patients have a Summary Care Record and this is outside of the control of Livi. It can be useful for the GP to see a prescription or the box of the medication.

If a private prescription is issued based on the NHS Summary Care Record, then the patient must give permission for Livi to send a discharge summary of the consultation and private prescription to the patient’s registered NHS GP.

Patients using the pay-as-you-go service and who are not currently registered to a GP – e.g. because they are not permanent residents in the UK – may be able to get up to one month's supply of their usual medication if the GP feels that this is appropriate. 

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