• Can I get a fit (sick) note through Livi?

    Please note, fit notes are not required for the first 7 calendar days of your illness and your Livi GPs will not issue them within this time frame. Instead, you should self-certify by completing a form from your employer or via the gov.uk website. GPs at Livi do not write private fit notes for longer than 14 days and they are unable to back-date the notes.


    For patients eligible for the Livi NHS service:

    A Livi GP will be able to write you a fit note if there is no requirement for a physical examination to issue the note. The GP will provide information on the fit note during the consultation.

    For patients using the Livi pay-as-you-go service:

    A Livi GP can write you a private fit note on the condition that there is no requirement for a physical examination to issue the note. It is up to each GP as to whether they feel a private fit note is suitable.

  • How do I retrieve my fit (sick) note?

    The fit note will be sent to your inbox in the Livi app, attached as a PDF file.

    Open the app and click on the inbox tab at the bottom of the screen. By clicking on the message, you will now be able to see the fit note on the screen in your phone or tablet.

    Click on the fit note again. You will now get an icon in the lower left corner (a square with an arrow in). Click on it and you will see the different options. You can then choose to print or email the fit note.

    Please note fit notes are processed between 9 am and 6 pm Monday - Friday.

    If you have any issues with obtaining your fit note please email Livi Support on support@livi.co.uk or call 020 3870 3029.