• Can Livi help with depression and anxiety?

    You can contact Livi if you suspect that you are depressed or have experienced symptoms of depression for two weeks or longer. When suffering from depression it is important to seek care as quickly as possible. Treatment is often easier and has a shorter process if started in time.

    Through Livi, you can have a GP appointment via a video call. The GPs can help you to better understand your problems as well as give you advice and support on how to deal with things that today feel difficult. 

    The GPs can help with diagnoses, examine any other causes of symptoms, discuss drug treatment (e.g. antidepressants, anxiolytics or sleep promotion), and also discuss sick leave (maximum 14 days of sick leave from the first day of illness). The GPs cannot back date sick notes. Please note that the GPs do not prescribe medication classified as narcotics.