• Can I book an appointment on behalf of my child?

    If you are using the NHS or pay-as-you-go service, you can book an appointment for your child if they are between the ages of 1 and 16 years old.

    If it’s your first time booking an appointment for your child through the app, select ‘Book now’ and then select ‘My Child’. You will then have to fill in some basic information about your child and upload a picture of their birth certificate. This must be a full birth certificate which includes the names of both parents. After uploading the birth certificate, you will be prompted to fill in the symptom form for your child.

    The next time you need to book an appointment for the same child, select ‘Book now’ and select ‘My Child’. Then click on your child’s name and it will bring you through to the symptom form.

     You can add multiple children on your app.

     Children must be present during the appointment, just like any other appointment at a physical GP surgery. Children aged 16 and over can be seen on their own Livi account.


  • Can I use my account for my spouse / partner?

    No, unfortunately not. Family members aged 16 years old and over must sign up for their own Livi account and log in with their own details and ID to book a GP consultation with Livi.

  • Can I see a Livi GP abroad?

    Yes, you can see a Livi GP while you are abroad. However, please be aware the doctor will be able to provide medical advice only. We cannot offer prescriptions or access any local health services.

  • Is it suitable to seek care through Livi for all medical problems?

    There may be some cases where the Livi service is not recommended:

    • You have a symptom/disorder that requires a physical examination, for example, you need to have your chest listened to, ear examined, or to provide a sample.
    • You are in need of controlled drugs. These are not prescribed via Livi.
    • You are in need of medicines containing pregabalin (Lyrica) or gabapentin (Neurontin).
    • You want to start treatment that requires long-term and regular medical contact.
    • You are in need of a fit (sick) note that may last for a long time.